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Read on for more info about trends and costs, and see how Housecall Pro can help you stay on top and maximize your profits. Here are some tips and advice on how to grow your pool service business this summer.
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Pool service industry growth

It’s summertime! And if you’re in the pool services industry, you’re probably excited for a season of growth, especially given that the pool industry is expected to continue to trend upward in 2022.

But how do you make sure that your business is a part of the massive shift in industry growth? You need a solution that can keep up with pool service industry growth in 2022 and beyond. With Houscall Pro’s pool & spa service software, you can do just that. 

With an enhanced emphasis on pool cleanings and disinfectant procedures, growth in the industry is predicted. With the stabilization of the price of chlorine, pool service industry growth is looking better this year in time for the new season.

Read on for more info about trends and costs, and see how Housecall Pro can help you stay on top and maximize your profits.

Pool installation services in 2022

A poll from Pool Pro shows that 120 service professionals reported a positive trend among their pool cleaning business since the start of the pandemic. 43% say their service accounts changed from 10-25% in just the last year. Even though there has been a supply chain issue, cost increases are expected to help with this change.

64% of professionals reported an increase in revenue and 52% reported that they’ve had to hire more staff just to keep up with demand. That’s good news for you: more business opportunities during the busy summer months.

Jared Tomlin, owner of Blue Envy Professional Pool Service in Grand Island, Florida, said, “Most service companies I’ve talked to are struggling to find the employees needed to keep up with the demand for their services.”

Cost of services 

Due to rising costs of labor, equipment, and materials, pool costs are rising again. According to Pool Magazine, construction materials used to build swimming pools rose 31.3% percent from early 2020 to early 2022.

Specific material cost increases include lumber and steel, which have both risen more than 70% since 2021. Overall, pool contractors have said their prices have increased 50% or more since the start of the pandemic.

The solution

To fight this inflation, many pool contractors have opted to raise their prices 30% or more since 2020. This increase is necessary to keep up with the rising cost of materials while still turning a profit. Because the cost of materials can go up at any time, it’s important to price your services accordingly so you can make a profit. 

Using tools like Housecall Pro’s Price Book feature, you can simplify the process with flat rate pricing and a visual method to calculate profits. Our flat rates help your customers by showing them exactly what they’ll get – without the hidden fees. What’s even better is you can customize it for your pool service business. Cater your invoices for your specific needs and sync your job expenses to QuickBooks.


The good news is that you don’t have to figure out pricing your services and factor in the cost of equipment by yourself. With Housecall Pro’s pool service software, you’ll have more time to service your customers and you can collect all necessary information for jobs.

Our estimating and accounting software will help you create custom estimates, including recurring service agreements. Put your profits on autopilot. Spend less time creating quotes and more time on the job.

GPS tracking

When you need to know all of your materials (and your workers) are headed to the right place, vehicle GPS has you covered. Boost your team’s efficiency with vehicle GPS tracking so you can dispatch the closest tech every time a job comes in. 

When you monitor vehicle health and receive alerts for diagnostic troubles, it means you’ll have less customer complaints and more time to complete jobs. Save money and decrease liability on pool jobs.

Make Summer 2022 your best season

Sign up for Housecall Pro today and easily communicate with customers and schedule pool services. Keep your team connected from the office to the field. Book a demo to learn more.

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