Become a Superpro

The standard for home service providers

The Housecall Pro Superpro Program is dedicated to defining excellence and identifying the highest-quality local home service companies conquering their industries.

What is a Superpro?

The Housecall Pro Superpro Program is dedicated to defining excellence and identifying the highest-quality local home service companies conquering their industries. Superpros utilize HCP tools to generate business, offer customers highly-rated service, and continually improve themselves and the home service industry through continued education, community activity, and helping shape the future of Housecall Pro software.

Every month, we award this status to Housecall Pros committed to providing their customers with a reliable, transparent, modern, and digital experience from day one, establishing a strong relationship for years to come.

The benefits of being a Superpro

Achieving Superpro status comes with many short and long-term benefits

Housecall Pro Superpro FAQ

Superpros reflect the highest standard of quality in home service professionals, and as such, they meet certain criteria before being accepted as verified Superpros. You must first:

  • Be an active Housecall Pro customer on most current plan (i.e. V8)
  • Have Account Settings fully optimized with company logo, bio, etc..
  • Have completed on average at least 15 jobs per 30 days
  • Have ‘My Money’ set up and able to accept credit cards through Housecall Pro
  • Be using at least 1 of Pipeline, VOIP, Advanced Reporting, Payroll, Expense Cards, and Job Costing.
  • Have a 4.8+ star business rating on Google and/or Housecall Pro Reviews
  • Must have been in business for one year or more at time of submitting application
  • Have a claimed, activated Google My Business page
  • Have an active business social presence (Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok)
  • Have a professional website offering your customers online booking
  • Be an active member of our Housecall Pros Facebook community and in good standing
  • Have agreed to the Superpro Code of Ethics and Commitments*
  • Have requested to be added to Superpro Facebook group

*You will be emailed these documents to sign after your application has been approved.

  • Directly shape the future of the Housecall Pro product and community
  • Direct and free access to alpha and beta testing and frontline development of all products (core, fintech, etc.)
  • Direct access to the Housecall Pro team through Superpro Facebook Group – posts and questions will always be answered
  • Continued growth opportunities:
    • Weekly Housecall Pro #QuickTipTuesday Facebook Live events
    • Weekly Zoom Office Hours – a live, open-forum webinar exclusive for Superpros to ask questions, share ideas, and get a direct response
    • Free access to CONQUER Bootcamps ($44 value)
    • One free monthly CONQUER business resource (i.e. employee handbook, service plan templates, etc)
    • Access to the CONQUER Facebook Growth Vault
  • Exclusive access to Superpro community
  • Digital Certified Superpro badges for website and social media
  • Printed Gold Leaf Superpro Certificate
  • Superpro swag – vehicle decal, lanyard, OMW sticker, mug, hat, air freshener
  • Free trial on a feature they don’t currently have (when first accepted)
  • SEO-boost opportunity through content posted on Housecall Pro website
  • Exclusive Superpro monthly newsletter with information about all the features coming your way
  • Exclusive invite to Superpro in-person event
  • Access to Priority Chat Support (coming soon)

You can find the Superpro application HERE

You can apply to be a Superpro at any time. Applications are processed each month, with acceptance emails going out to approved applicants on the last Friday of the month. 

  1. If you meet all of the requirements to become a Superpro, you will receive an acceptance email with your following steps. You will need to sign the Superpro Agreement before being officially accepted into the Facebook community. 
  2. Once you’re in the Facebook community, introduce yourself! Share about who you are, how long you have been in business, what type of industry you are in, and what you hope to gain from and give to the community. Remember, this is your community. You are among the best Housecall Pros, and we want you to shape the future of not only this community but the Housecall Pro software. 
  3. Each Superpro commits to adding value to the community and the future of Housecall Pro. Don’t wait to fulfill your commitments. It is our experience that the more you put into the community, the more you will gain in return. 
  1. Only 5% of Housecall Pros become Superpros, and many who reach Superpro status do not get there on their first try. Keep working at becoming better each day. We will help you get there. 
  2. You can expect a Housecall Pro Success Advisor to reach out to you and guide you through steps you can take to get approved on your next application. You can apply as many times as you like until you meet the requirements. 
  3. Go to the Housecall Pro community. Ask if any Superpros have advice for you to reach your goals. Not just the goal of becoming a Superpro, but other business goals. Our community is a tremendous resource for learning and growth. We can point to so many Pros who have grown exponentially using Housecall Pro and tapping into the community resource.