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HCP Assist is Housecall Pro’s integrated 24/7 answering service that allows you to grow your business while reclaiming your nights and weekends.

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Our friendly, reliable HCP Assist agents take your calls and provide 5-star customer service to book jobs and estimates directly onto your Housecall Pro calendar. Choose from weekday, weekend, or 24/7 non-emergency coverage so you never miss out on a potential lifetime customer. You’ll receive a post-call message for every call we take for you and will even alert you via SMS if something requires immediate attention.

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What Pros are saying about our service

“HCP Assist has taken a tremendous burden off of my shoulders.”

When my phone rings and I’m with a customer my first instinct is to try to answer because I don’t want to miss a call. Now that I have HCP Assist it has taken a tremendous burden off of my shoulders. It’s like having the best person in the office.

Matt R.
Owner, Reagle Service
Fort Worth, TX

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