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Sales proposal software to grow your business

Close larger jobs faster with “good, better, best” options on web and mobile.

Give customers the buying experience they’re looking for

Create captivating sales experiences

Engage customers by presenting your services in a visually appealing format on any device.

  • Deliver outstanding service and help your customers choose the service that best fits their need

  • Display professional presentations that stand out from the competition

  • Provide customers an interactive buying experience that puts them in the driver’s sea

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Exceed sales targets and maximize revenue

Increase your close rates and boost job ticket sizes.

  • Open the door to upsells with side-by-side service comparisons

  • Effortlessly sell on job sites with pre-built proposal templates optimized for mobile

  • Add Pipeline to unlock automated follow-ups that boost your conversion rate from proposal to job

  • With Consumer Financing you can upsell larger jobs and provide customers the flexibility to pay over time. You get paid in full once the job is complete. *You must be approved by Wisetack to use consumer financing

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Increase efficiency with proposal templates

Present pre-built proposals on the job site with one click.

  • Close more deals by selling to customers in real-time when they’re most engaged

  • Take control of your sales process and ensure each proposal is delivered in the right format

  • Save time by converting frequently used proposals into reusable (or ready-to-fill) templates—no more building from scratch

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On average, Pros increase monthly revenue generated through Housecall Pro by 42% after their first year.

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Sales proposal FAQs

What is sales proposal software? 

Proposal software is a simple tool that helps companies streamline their sales and marketing efforts. It automates creating, tracking, and delivering proposal documents to win and keep customers. With proposal software, your business can quickly create custom proposals based on customer needs with killer features like these:

  • Library of images and templates
  • Built-in style guides
  • Drag and drop design
  • Customizable email notifications and reminders
  • Automatic follow-ups after proposal delivery

This is a huge deal in the field service and home service industries, where you need to quickly generate customized proposals to win business or to set up service plans after completing jobs. With the help of this software, companies can easily automate proposals to save time while committing fewer labor resources.

Why would I need sales proposal software for my business?

Proposal software offers your business a variety of benefits. For starters, it streamlines operations. You can quickly create comprehensive quotes for customers. Communication with customers will improve, which obviously leads to loyalty and better reviews. Proposal software also helps you increase accuracy when it comes to pricing estimates. It gives you accurate project costs and features that will help eliminate human error. And every small business has examples of human error!

Proposal software also ensures that your proposals are consistent and professional-looking. This is due to beautiful, customizable templates designed to capture important details. This software makes it easy for customers to understand their options with detailed explanations in simple terms. No more of that technical industry jargon like your competitors use.

And here’s a shout-out to automation! Proposal software makes everything easier by automating tasks like notifying team members when bids are received or scheduling delivery times based on customer availability. It also allows multiple users within your company to access and manage shared files securely—making the sales process run more smoothly. These systems save valuable time throughout the entire process by using a single hub where key stakeholders can access data anytime.