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Precise employee time tracking

Track the time your employees are spending on travel or working on the job site.

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Time tracking makes your team more efficient

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Track and report on total clocked in hours

Track the total clocked-in hours of your employees’s workday on a timesheet.

  • Employees can clock-in and out easily from the Housecall Pro mobile app and see their time logged each week

  • Access a timesheet report with a detailed view of time entries, entry locations, and total clocked-in hours

  • Take advantage of our integration with Gusto to sync hours for payroll prep

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Track and report on total time spent on jobs

Track the time your employees are spending on travel or working on the job site.

  • Track hours on the clock and hours spent on jobs to prep for payroll and drive insights into employee efficiency

  • Employees can pause their time if they need to leave the job without marking it as finished

  • Any employee assigned to a job can track their individual travel and on-job time without sending multiple customer notifications

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Intelligent reporting metrics

Housecall Pro’s enhanced reporting suite compiles time tracking data to deliver an accurate account of labor hours so that you can improve service efficiency and job profitability.

  • View the status (assigned, on their way, time started, time paused, time stopped), total travel time, and total time on the job of each assigned employee from any job page

  • Access job reports to see the total travel and on job time by employee across jobs

  • Use on-the-job time tracking and labor rates to track actual labor costs for job costing reporting

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