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Build recurring customers with a service agreement program

Sign up customers from anywhere to build loyalty and sell more service plans. Manage your maintenance agreements easily with paperless service agreements.

Lifelong Customer Loyalty

Generate income consistently

Sell more service plans

Here’s some great news: Service Plans can be sold from anywhere. Increase your average ticket size and customer retention by offering ready-made service agreements as an add-on to a one-time service or installation.

  • Sell maintenance agreements from the mobile app or over email.

  • Customers can easily renew online.

  • Build long-lasting customer relationships by staying top of mind.

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Service plans drive customer loyalty

Automatic scheduling reminders enhance your customer experience and makes it easy to know which customer needs maintenance at a glance. Turn your one-time customers into loyal customers who feel taken care of.

  • Service Plans demonstrate professionalism in the field or on the phone.

  • Once a customer opts in for a membership, you become the go-to provider for that customer.

  • Serve loyal customers who drive repeat business, and more referrals.

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Service plans mean you always have money in the bank

The slow season doesn’t have to be scary. With recurring service plans, you’ll have business coming in throughout the year. Track and manage all customer recurring service plan details in one easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Service Plans beat seasonality by allowing customers to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually.

  • There is no slow season because you have guaranteed visits, recurring revenue, and customer loyalty.

  • Service plans can easily be renewed by the customer, putting your revenue stream on autopilot.

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Recurring service plan FAQs

What is maintenance agreement software?

Maintenance agreement software is a type of specialized software program designed to help businesses manage their service agreements, particularly for major investments like HVAC systems. This kind of software automates the maintenance process and allows companies to track agreements, individual service tasks, and parts used in repairs. It also simplifies invoicing and payments processes, reducing paperwork and providing an easy way to monitor revenue generated from service contracts.

The greatest benefit of using a maintenance agreement software program is that it offers better control over all maintenance activities—from scheduling regular inspections to tracking customer payment history. It can simplify preventive maintenance by automating alert notifications when services are due or overdue, improving communication with customers that have specific requests or require extra attention. Additionally, the reports generated provide detailed information on equipment lifespan, which helps identify repair or replacement needs before they become real problems. This ultimately leads to increased efficiency levels, improved performance reliability, and reduced operating costs.

Since this kind of software can be accessed online from any device at any time, businesses can save a lot of time by remotely managing all aspects of their maintenance contracts in one central system instead of conventional paper-based operations. This makes managing multiple units easier for both customers and technicians. On top of that, it’s more cost-effective for business owners since it reduces overhead expenses associated with manual data collection operations such as filing cabinets filled with paper documents which take up valuable office space.

How can maintenance agreement software increase my revenue?

Having maintenance agreement software in place can be a great way to increase your revenue. For businesses in the HVAC industry, it is essential to have reliable and consistent customer service and an effective maintenance agreement that comes with its own set of benefits.

When it comes to increasing your overall revenues, having a maintenance agreement software lets you better manage your maintained accounts, and allows for automatic documentation for service calls and repairs. This helps provide automated reminders for routine visits, offers discounts on services and parts based on predetermined contracts or agreements with customers, and allows upsell opportunities during scheduled preventive maintenance calls or agreed upon special projects. These features help you create loyal customers and boost the profitability margins of each sale by capturing more revenue from both existing and new customers.

Having software like this helps you to save time by automating tasks like order processing, invoicing, scheduling review meetings, tracking guarantee periods, managing payment schedules, and follow-up reports. This can help reduce costs associated with manual labor while still maintaining consistency across processes within the organization. You’ll also get better insights into customer behavior—which helps in decision making—as well as provide data points from other metrics collected over time such as average job duration per contract worker or average cost per service call type. This is a huge benefit when determining future pricing strategies for products and services to achieve optimal market conditions.

Investing in an efficient Maintenance Agreement Software can significantly benefit any HVAC business. Armed with maintenance agreement software, you’ll drive increased revenues with improved efficiency levels across operations while ensuring quality control at all times!

What is a service agreement?

A service agreement, commonly referred to as a maintenance agreement, is a contract between two parties to provide regular maintenance or repair services. It typically involves an agreed-upon schedule and fee structure that applies to any major HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system or appliance.

The importance of having a service agreement with an HVAC contractor cannot be said enough. A service agreement ensures not only the health and safety of everyone in the home, but also peace of mind knowing that the system will operate at its peak performance level for years to come.

A service agreement outlines what is expected from both parties on an ongoing basis while covering payment terms. These agreements can include specific tasks like filter changes, inspections/tune-ups, repairs, and replacements. A key benefit that comes along with having one of these agreements in place is priority access should any emergency situations arise– allowing homeowners more time to find solutions they feel comfortable with while trusting all work performed is done safely and effectively by certified professionals who understand their system inside and out!

The frequency of scheduled visits will change depending on your customer’s usage levels. Most customers opt for semi-annual appointments, which cover everything from general checkups, to cleaning and repairs. However some homes may require increased frequency due to age or environment-related wear and tear. In addition, many companies offer additional benefits like free replacement parts when necessary (likely covered under warranty).