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Housecall Pro is already the leading all-in-one business solution that helps home service professionals save time, sell bigger jobs, and provide best-in-class service. Now we’re taking your business to the next level.

How are you growing your franchise?

Owning a franchise business means handling a lot of moving pieces. But for franchisors in the home service industry, Housecall Pro makes it easier than ever to manage your entire company’s operations.

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Report across all of your locations with Aggregate Reporting

Easily access data across all your franchise locations in one seamless view. Get better insights, make smarter decisions, and empower your franchisees with the tools and data to grow their business.

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Integrate your phone system with Housecall Pro’s Voice Solut

Access call tracking and customer identification. Our all-in-one solution simplifies intake, aids in lead conversion, and optimizes marketing efforts with robust reporting options.

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Automate your workflows with Pipeline

Track and automate your sales funnel. Convert leads to estimates and jobs to invoices with our innovative Pipeline tool. Grow your business and turn more leads into paid jobs while providing a consistent 5-star customer service experience.

Turn your missed calls into booked jobs with HCP Assist

HCP Assist is Housecall Pro’s integrated 24/7 answering service that lets you be present in your life while still growing your business. Choose from weekday, weekend, or 24/7 non-emergency coverage, so you never miss out on a potential lifetime customer. You’ll receive a post-call message for every call we take, and we’ll even alert you via SMS if something needs your immediate attention.

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Financial powerhouse

Need to handle the money side of your business? We’ve got you covered with everything you need, all in one place

  • Payments: Getting money in your pocket is easy. Our simple technology lets you accept payments through credit cards, bank transfers, or financing.

  • Expense Cards: Say goodbye to petty cash and reimbursements. Expense Cards let employees pay for work-related items using a simple swipe.

  • Payroll: No more headaches, no more confusion. Run payroll in minutes and invest in your team’s future.

Dedicated support and tailored onboarding

Partner with Housecall Pro to power the operations of all your franchise locations AND keep you in the driver’s seat. Our driven partnership management team understands your goals and is here to help you grow your franchise. Onboarding is made easy with the support that helps you get your franchise up and running.  

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