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Take your customer communication to the next level with Housecall Pro. And do it the easy way! Our automated emails, SMS, and in-app chat software lets you send confirmation texts and emails when a job is booked and keeps customers up-to-date with notifications throughout the job.

  • Send confirmation texts and emails when jobs are booked

  • Reduce no-shows by staying in touch with customers

  • Keep customers in the loop with in-app chat

  • Automatically request reviews when the job is done

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Custom follow-up messages

Never forget to make a powerful impression! Automatically send custom follow-up emails to rebook appointments, request feedback using surveys, or simply say thank you after every job. Plus, our software makes it easy to identify happy customers so you can ask them to leave a review on your favorite business review website.

  • Make customers feel valued by sending automated thank you emails

  • Reduce time spent asking for reviews with our automatic review management

  • Turn one-time customers into repeat customers with email or postcard follow-ups

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Online booking

Housecall Pro makes it easy for customers to schedule with you. With our intuitive online booking system, you can schedule and assign jobs with just a few clicks. You can even set arrival windows so customers know when to expect you.

  • Make it easy for customers to schedule with Online Booking

  • Customers can book with you even when you can’t answer the phone

  • Set arrival windows so customers know when to expect you

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Customer communication FAQ

Why use text and email appointment reminder software?

Notice how long this section is! There are many reasons. Appointment reminder software sends automated text or email notifications that help you better manage your time and reduces the risk of missed appointments. For home service businesses, trades, and other businesses that provide services by appointment, this type of automation helps ensure on-time arrivals and cuts way down on customer frustration.

Using appointment reminder software can help you win with customers, get better reviews, and bring in more business. By sending timely reminders about upcoming appointments, customers won’t forget you and schedule over your appointment. Automated reminders also help business owners who don’t have to worry about manually rescheduling past-due appointment requests from clients.

For those providing cleaning, renovations, repairs, health care visits, and more, appointment reminder software also helps track bookings without wasting time calling each customer individually or leaving voicemails. You know exactly when you need to be available at each job to meet the needs of your customers.

Sure, it reduces missed booked appointments due to forgetfulness or conflicts on both sides. But that’s not all. Automated reminders also reduce administrative costs associated with tracking scheduled attendees for events like workshops or seminars. Everybody involved will receive reminders before the event date arrives! This hassle-free system leads to smoother operations while delivering maximum efficiency throughout the organization’s workflow. It’s perfect for busy owners and leaders like you!

How can client follow-up software grow my business?

Utilizing client follow-up software in your business can be an incredibly effective way to grow and expand. A robust follow-up system is key to increasing profits, streamlining operations, and improving customer satisfaction.

An effective client follow-up software solution offers a range of features that help you keep track of everything. And we mean everything like all your customer inquiries, requests for quotes, orders placed, services requested, and any other information relevant to the job being performed—all from one central location. It lets you quickly set reminders so no one falls through the cracks. And tracking critical deadlines related to scheduling appointments or delivering parts and materials is a cinch. It also allows customers to easily book appointments with you either online or on their phones. Communication could not be more simple.

All this streamlined workflow leads directly to money savings. It reduces time spent dealing with basic issues like appointment scheduling or following up on quote requests. Your staff can focus more on completing installation and repair projects that will increase your overall productivity level big time. And since these steps can easily be automated using a good client follow-up solution, customers receive better support and feel like they’re being taken care of at each step of the process. All of this improves communication between the contractor, vendor, and the end user. That results in increased customer loyalty and higher referral rates! Happy customers are the goal here, with greater sales opportunities and easy sources for marketing new products and services. Both sides win!

What is appointment reminder software?

Appointment reminder software is an amazing tool for businesses, especially those in the home service and trades industries. It helps ensure your appointments are taken care of on time. This type of software typically consists of automated emails and text (SMS) messages sent out to customers before their scheduled appointment to remind them when it is happening.

Not only does this help reduce no-shows and lost revenue, it also saves both you and your customer’s time. They won’t have to worry about manually updating or tracking appointment times. Appointment reminder software has revolutionized the way businesses operate by drastically reducing missed appointments and creating a smooth customer experience with timely reminders about upcoming events.

These systems can integrate with scheduling apps such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or iCal, making data entry even easier. Other features may include reporting tools that provide comprehensive performance metrics. You can track how effective your appointment reminders actually are in terms of boosting customer attendance rates depending on the provider chosen.

If you own a business (especially in the home services or trades industries), then an appointment reminder system is a must. It will help you keep customers informed, save a ton of time, and add value to the services you provide. Each customer will feel well taken care of from booking to completion and beyond.