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Create repeat customers with simple email & postcard marketing

Attract the attention of your customers and send followups after you’ve finished a job. Remind customers of upcoming appointments and automate the marketing process.

Ready-to-run email and postcard marketing for field service businesses

Postcard marketing made easy

Ready to catch their eye? Build brand awareness and encourage customer loyalty using postcard marketing. Attract attention with clever call-to-actions instead of overloading your customers with wordy sales pitches.

  • Send offers or referral requests right to a customer’s mailbox

  • Stay top-of-mind without spending lots of time or money

  • Send one-time campaigns or time-based postcards to your customers

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Automated email marketing

Set it and forget it. Let automation schedule service reminders and follow-up emails so you don’t have to. Plus, get your customer to actually open emails using subject lines that grab their attention.

  • Send reminder emails before each job

  • Follow up with thank you emails after each job

  • Customize the timing of email sends and personalize content

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Mailchimp integration

Need to send a quick customer update? Save time by sending basic emails right from Housecall Pro. Want something fancier? Use our Mailchimp integration for powerful email creation tools.

  • Email customers via Mailchimp from within Housecall Pro

  • Send campaigns to specific groups of customers

  • Sync tags and customer lists so emails go to the right group

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Automated marketing FAQs

What strategies do plumbers need for marketing?

Like all home service businesses, marketing your plumbing business strategically is crucial for success. Here are a few ways to build your customer base:

Offer a referral program to encourage your loyal customers to recommend you to people they know

Use email campaigns to follow up with existing customers after you complete service for them. You can automate these campaigns in Housecall Pro, so you don’t have to think about them while they run

Send postcards to existing and prospective customers. Many people, especially older clients, love seeing a professional postcard from a service provider. Housecall Pro will take care of the postage and printing for you with our automated marketing features

What are the benefits of direct mail marketing with postcards?

It’s easy to target a specific audience because you choose where to send the postcards

Postcards allow you to offer specific incentives, like discounts or a referral program

It’s easy to track the response rate in Housecall Pro and improve future campaigns. You can share your contact information directly on the postcards

Does Housecall Pro send out physical postcards?

Yes. Our postcards are high-gloss, 4×6 cards delivered straight to your customers’ mailboxes. We handle postage, printing, and send the postcards for you.

How much does a Housecall Pro postcard cost?

Housecall Pro postcards are $0.86 each and available in the US. This cost covers the postage and printing of the card. We mail the cards for you, so you don’t have a stack in the office waiting to send to customers.

How long does it take a postcard to get to a customer’s mailbox?

On average, it takes seven business days from the day you place your order for a customer to receive a postcard.