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Introducing your custom AI Team. Bring on specialized expertise and assemble the support you need—from coaches and customer service reps to analysts and marketers. The sky’s the limit.

Focus on what matters with the help of AI

Feeling stretched too thin? Looking for ways to make your daily tasks easier? Hire members of our AI Team to expand your business and ensure your time is spent where it counts. The power of AI can help you:

  • Offload the busywork and get time back

  • Discover new opportunities to grow and effectively outpace the competition

  • Take action with proactive insights, streamlined workflows, and personalized coaching

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  • Get assistance with setup of your Housecall Pro account, ongoing support, and tailored recommendations
  • Learn expert insights on how to use the platform to its full potential
  • Prompt your @Help: How do I add an employee to Housecall Pro?


  • Receive business guidance, advice on hiring decisions, and help with problem-solving
  • Gain support with daily tasks and whenever challenges arise
  • Prompt your @Coach: What training resources for new hires do you recommend?


  • Get a helpful business consultation anytime with clear financial insights for data-driven decision-making
  • Monitor your cash flow, always know your numbers, and gain a full picture of your business finances.
  • Prompt your @Analyst: Based on last quarter’s revenue, who’s my top-performing tech and how many jobs did they complete?


  • Uplevel your digital marketing and reputation management with proven strategies and playbooks
  • Seamlessly executes marketing campaigns that capture attention and convert leads
  • Prompt your @Marketing: Can you help me create an email marketing campaign that will generate more bookings?


  • Improve customer relations and streamline ops with a customer service rep (CSR) that’s always on
  • Gain support answering calls when you’re unavailable, scheduling appointments directly to your calendar, and simplifying customer communications
  • Prompt your @CSR: I need support handling a customer service call.

AI Team Reporting for Duty