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Checklists from Housecall Pro mean your technicians arrive with everything they need to impress your customers and get the job done.

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Keep your team on track

Fully customizable

Streamline operations within your business and maintain a proactive approach to keep your operations running smoothly. Keep employees on track with administrative tasks.

  • Build custom checklists so that you (and your team) remember every little detail

  • Monitor a checklist’s status with simple red, yellow, and green indicators

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Mandatory completion

Make sure there’s no room for overlooked tasks. Streamline and automate tasks such as new client onboarding, social media strategy, invoicing, and email and digital marketing tasks.

  • Are items on a Checklist mission critical?

  • Make Checklists mandatory so that it’s impossible to miss items before completing a job

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Customer invoices

Always stay on top of customer messages. Take care of customer needs by completing any invoices or payments.

  • Attach Checklists to customer invoices so the customer can see proof of a job well done

  • Use Checklists to give customers information they need

  • Send invoices via email or text message

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