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Oklahoma HVAC license:
Everything you need to know

When considering a new career, becoming an HVAC service provider is a choice worth exploring. After all, you can set your own hours and run your own business.

In this guide, learn how to earn your Oklahoma HVAC license. We’ll cover the licensing requirements and the benefits of the profession.

Do you need a license in Oklahoma to become an HVAC technician?

Yes, you do need an Oklahoma HVAC license to perform HVAC work in the state. Some cities and counties within the state may require local licenses.

What are the different types of HVAC licenses?

There are two different licenses: restricted and non-restricted.

With a restricted licenses, you can’t work on equipment more than 25 tons and 500,000 BTUs. Unrestricted licenses allow you to work on larger systems.

Apprentice, Journeyman, and Contractor are the most common HVAC practitioners.


An apprentice works for a licensed contractor who actively provides services in Oklahoma. The contractor will provide you with on-the-job training and oversee you work.

Apprentices complete an application, pay a $25 fee, and receive a registration card after submitting the required documentation. Income ranges from minimum wage to $18 an hour.


To become a journeyman, a person must be 18 years old and have at least three years of experience as a registered apprentice as well as an exam. In Oklahoma, the median wage for a journeyman is $21.51 per hour. Your work includes installing, altering, and repairing HVAC systems.


A contractor is a professional who owns, co-owns, or is employed by an HVAC service company. Applicants are required to fulfill the same requirements as a journeyman with an additional year of mechanical trade experience.

The cost of the application is $330, which includes the application fee. Contractors command an average salary of $47,080. The salary increases as you gain more experience.

Benefits of getting an HVAC license

Getting an HVAC license provides you the opportunity to earn quality jobs throughout the state. Business ownership is a true possibility when you have a license. Also, a license gives you credibility to new customers.

How much does it cost to get an HVAC license in Oklahoma?

Here’s the fee structure for each license:

  • Mechanical contractor – $330
  • License fee $300 + Application Fee $30
  • Mechanical journeyman – $75
  • Limited residential journeyman – $75
  • License fee $50 + application fee $25
  • Apprentice – $25
  • Registration fee $20 + application fee $5

How to get an HVAC license in Oklahoma

Schooling for an HVAC license is a major concern for individuals. Learn about your options below.

The Oklahoma United HVACR License (Contractor, Journeyman) is a self-study online course. Students pay $199.99 plus taxes for the course itself and separate fees for course books.

Completing an HVAC apprenticeship is another path for becoming eligible for an Oklahoma HVAC license. An apprentice must fulfill 2,000 hours of empirical training and 144 hours of technical education. An apprenticeship program takes three to five years to complete but allows students to work alongside a skilled HVAC technician.

On-the-job experience gives apprentices the chance to learn about of HVAC systems. It’s also important for an apprentice to possess good communication and problem solving skills and knowledge about safety regulations.

PSI Exams administers the exam. You can study for the test online. Free resources are available online.

The Department of Health, Occupational Licensing Division issues the license. Oklahoma HVAC licenses need to be renewed. The renewal fee for a contractor is $200, while the fee for a journeyman is $75.