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HVAC equipment schedule template (free download)

As an HVAC technician, a methodical and streamlined inspection process ensures that all the major points are covered when investigating a customer’s HVAC system. This HVAC preventative maintenance checklist ensures that technicians cover all of the major areas during the inspection process, allowing customers to receive premier service and a memorable experience. 

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HVAC equipment schedule example

An HVAC equipment schedule can include the following fields:

  1. Unit number or identifier
  2. Equipment type
  3. Equipment name
  4. Size
  5. Number of individual units required
  6. Equipment location once installed
  7. Area the equipment will be serving
  8. Manufacturer
  9. Vendor
  10. Model number
  11. Corresponding specifications sheet identifier
  12. Estimated service life in years
  13. Rough opening size, if applicable
  14. Cubic feet per minute

HVAC equipment schedule template download

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