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HVAC equipment startup checklist

HVAC technicians use equipment startup and changeout checklists to ensure that new equipment is installed correctly and running properly before closing a job. These checklists can be used during installation or at the beginning of the season during quarterly maintenance checkups.

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Why use an HVAC checklist during a home inspection

The purpose of equipment startup checklists

If you already have a preventative maintenance plan, cross-check it with your startup checklist to optimize coverage for your loyal customers.

Checklists improve and simplify your team’s workflow and improve training new hires.  Checklists reduce job errors which, in turn, helps keep customers satisfied and increases return business. 

Another good reason to start using checklists is to have a record of the exact work you completed in case questions arise in the future.

In this post, we walk you through what a good checklist should include and tips on introducing it to your techs. You can also download our free templates to get you started.

Why use a checklist app

By themselves, checklists can save you time and energy, but an even bigger timesaver is a mobile checklist app that your techs can easily pull up in the field. 

Check out this list of 15 checklist apps for small businesses. We’ve also built our own checklist app for home service businesses.

Housecall Pro users can attach a checklist to a job. Techs can pull it up alongside information about the job, the customer, their work history and any known equipment in their residence. The completed checklist will be associated with the job.

What should an HVAC equipment startup checklist include?

1. Code requirements

Consult local building codes and the National Electrical Code for installation requirements to make sure any install you do is up-to-code.

2. Pre-Start Up inspections

Your checklist should include a list of the actions you need to take before starting the install, such as double-checking the model number of the new unit, inspecting the job site and the condition of the rest of the heating or air conditioning system, including the ductwork, air filters, vents and flues, electrical connections, gas lines, and drainage system.

3. Installation action items

During the installation process, a checklist should guide you through a thorough evaluation of all the components of a heating or air conditioning unit, such as the compressors, motors, pumps, and fans.

4. Take performance measurements

Once the new unit is up and running, how is it performing? Keep a record of things like pre and air temperature. 

To give you an example of what a checklist might include, here are two sections from our downloadable template:

Gas requirements

  • Gas supply line connected to unit
  • Gas piping joints sealed
  • Drip leg installed
  • Gas leak check complete
  • Check gas pressure

Airflow fans

  • Motor and blower mounting bolts are tight
  • Fans are aligned and rotating freely
  • Fan motor bearings are lubricated

Other sections of our template include space and unit inspections, electrical and controls, coil requirements, refrigerant requirements, and pressure, charge, voltage, and temperature measurements.

5. Customer communication

Also consider a section at the end to guide your tech through their communication with the customer. They’ll need a walk-through of the unit and its manual, thermostat settings, warranty information. What other marketing actions do you ask of your techs? Add items like recommending ongoing HVAC maintenance agreements or requesting referrals or reviews. 

Crosscheck your checklist with the manufacturer’s and ACCA

Manufacturers have their own startup and service checklists for their products, and it’s a good idea to crosscheck your company’s checklists with those of the specific equipment you’re installing. We also recommend reviewing ACCA’s Residential Quality Installation Checklist, a tool designed for homeowners to compare potential contractors. 

Update the checklist whenever your techs run into new issues during the installation process to prevent future problems.

HVAC equipment startup checklist template download

We’ve designed a changeout and startup checklist template that covers many of the actions HVAC technicians take when changing out an entire HVAC system or a specific unit. Download now:

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