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Majestic Painting Company, Inc.: Mastering the Art of Flexibility

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Quality Painting Services Meets Quality Family Time

Even as a kid, Steve Kohl knew he wanted to control his own destiny. That combined with the desire to have time for family and prove his doubters wrong led to the creation of the Majestic Painting Company way back in 1994.  

When you look them up online, the first thing you’ll notice is the never-ending parade of 5-star reviews. Steve is getting it right!

Family plays a central role in Steve’s motivation and decision-making. Creating a balance between work and personal life is a big deal. What Steve loves most about running his own business is the flexibility it provides to spend time with his family and the knowledge that he’s building a lasting legacy. Steve shares, “I started my business to provide for my family and create a lifestyle that allowed me to spend more time with them. I love the flexibility running our own business gives us to spend the most time possible with our families.”

The Right Team and a Winning Culture

Majestic Painting Company prides itself on being reliable, reputable, and responsive.  Steve added, “We incorporate a personable approach, yet with automation to be as effective as possible.” No doubt that’s why they’ve grown to become a trusted name in the painting industry throughout Central Colorado.

Steve has gained some amazing nuggets in his entrepreneurial journey. Two of the most significant are the importance of hiring the right team players and fostering a healthy work environment. “Creating a positive company culture and hiring individuals who align with our values have been instrumental in our growth.”

Since partnering with Housecall Pro in June 2018, Majestic Painting Company has experienced steady growth. The software’s tools and features have helped them streamline their operations and win more business. They’ve integrated every aspect of their business, leading to easier training, more effective processes, and excellent oversight.

Learn more about Majestic Painting Company, Inc by visiting their website.

What is your favorite Housecall Pro feature?

Our favorite feature are the online booking, scheduling, and the Pipeline CRM. Both these feature help our day to day immensely and allow for a more streamline process.

Why did you choose Housecall Pro?

We chose and stick with Housecall Pro because of the continual development and growth. They are constantly looking from the inside out to improve their systems for the benefit of their customers and it shows!

“Allows us find continual growth and provides us with the tools we need to succeed.”

Steve K.
Owner, Majestic Painting Company, Inc.