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Here are reasons why HCP Assist is a must-have if you want to rest well and still make money without being tied to your phone.
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If you run your own home service business as an owner-operator, chances are you have a lot to do. On top of keeping up with marketing, emails, and handling in-person jobs, you’re always on your phone.

You need to keep your business running and cash flow coming in, but you also need to take time for yourself so you don’t experience burnout. You could take a day off, but to do that you’d need peace of mind knowing your customers’ calls will be answered and they won’t go to your competitor

You’d also want to make sure you weren’t missing out on valuable business on your off time. To get the rest you need and still book jobs, you need HCP Assist.

Here are reasons why HCP Assist is a must-have if you want to rest well and still make money without being tied to your phone. First, let’s talk about what HCP Assist can do for you.

What is HCP Assist?

HCP Assist is a 24/7 answering service that takes your calls and books them as jobs or estimates on your Housecall Pro calendar. You’ll never need to worry: whether you’re off the clock or too busy to get to the phone while you’re on a job, you can relax knowing that your business is still running and profitable. 

Turn missed calls into booked jobs

Whether you’re an HVAC technician working on a unit or an electrician working with some of the best electrical gloves, you know that it’s impossible to always get to the phone. Even if you’re able to sneak away and answer the phone, your customer has likely already gone to a competitor who answers on the first ring.

You could assign the call to another tech of yours, but like you, they aren’t always available.

HCP Assist agentsare Housecall Pro employees who provide excellent customer service: which means turning more calls into scheduled jobs on your calendar. They are efficient at scheduling your techs at the soonest available slot on your calendar so that your tech doesn’t shop with your competitor.

The best part might be that since we’re 24/7, you can grow your business and increase your profits even during hours when your business is closed. 

Get coverage when you need it

It doesn’t matter if you have a busy day planned with jobs booked back to back, HCP Assist is the solution for getting your missed calls answered. You’re in control of your coverage which means you can customize how your calls are answered based on when you’ll be by the phone. 

And even when you’re away, you’ll be able to access all critical call information centrally within your Housecall Pro inbox. You’ll be able to view call notes, call recordings, and quick links to the booked jobs and estimates whenever you need them. Plus, you and anyone on your team that you specify will also receive a text message if a particular call requires immediate follow-up.  

Never far from your customers

You know if your customers are cared for, you can give them the best experience. With HCP Assist, one of our trained representatives is always ready to take your calls so you can have booked jobs on your calendar so all you have to do is roll your truck and get paid. 

Saving time and growing your business doesn’t have to be a chore. With HCP Assist, you can do just that by making sure your calls are always answered and providing the highest standard of exceptional customer service. Get started with a free trial today.

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