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Auto Detailing Marketing Success Story and Tips

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How One Organic Facebook Post Scored 250 New Leads and $1000+ in Revenue

Jonathan Michael Monson, owner of Dirty2Dreamy Detail Service, promotes his auto detailing business predominantly on Facebook. His Facebook page has over 3,000 followers, many of whom consistently engage with his posts.

One of his gift certificate giveaways has resulted in over $1,000 worth of appointments so far, and he is booked solid for over a month. Previous giveaways have produced over 4k in revenue on average.

Besides the revenue, the giveaways are great brand builders. Without spending a dime on Facebook ads, his giveaway post produced over 1.1k comments, 46 shares, and 95 likes.

He has also gained 250 business leads from this organic Facebook post.

We talked to Monson about his Facebook strategy and offer some strategies to replicate his success.

Facebook giveaway dirty2dreamy

The ad campaign details

1. Offer Several Forms of Value

While the grand prize was a $150 gift certificate, Monson offered a $25 credit to anyone who liked the post and $50 for anyone who shared it. This encouraged people to interact with the post and offered them value regardless of whether they won. This strategy created a number of new leads instead of just one.

This strategy also increased the organic reach of the giveaway by encouraging comments, likes, and shares.  To Jonathan, these engagements are all potential leads and should be followed-up.

The top prize was for comments instead of shares because “each comment drives the post back to the top of a user’s timeline,” Monson explained. This strategy also works really well in Facebook groups.

Posts that encourage lots of interaction can have a long-lasting effect via Facebook’s algorithm. The more you can get people to interact once, the more likely they (and others) will see your page’s posts in their feed. While he will occasionally run a Facebook ad (he hasn’t spent more than $100 in 3 months, he explained), Monson is able to continue using organic methods to keep his followers engaged.

facebook giveaway comment

2. Create a Sense of Urgency

The last person who commented before he turned off comments on the post won the gift certificate. This strategy helped create a sense of immediacy. Anyone interested in winning needed to act immediately or they might miss the opportunity.

3.  Don’t Fret about Negative Feedback

Monson didn’t receive any negative feedback on his giveaway post, but he’s also not worried when he does face criticism. “I think the biggest misconception people have about social media is that people are unreasonable,” Monson explained. “We have to remember those that are, are not our client because they lack a value ‘mindset.’”

4. Use Facebook Messenger to Nurture Leads

Monson followed up with anyone that liked or shared the post which started a conversation and keeps Dirty2Dreamy in their list of messages on Facebook Messenger.

But this isn’t the only way Monson uses Messenger to nurture leads. Whenever someone visits his business’s Facebook page, the Messenger app will pop up with a list of questions. His automated responses encourage folks toward online booking.

Facebook automated reply
Using Facebook Messenger to get leads

When they ask a question that needs a human response, he nurtures the lead in the same way: “As far as responding and conversation it is simple and easy using Housecall Pro’s online booking. I ask a few qualifying questions and recommend the package for them, then send them the link.”

This Strategy Will Work for Businesses of Any Size

Remember that a company gift certificate is only redeemable if a person becomes a customer. It essentially becomes a discount on any service they choose.

An average Dirty2Dreamy detail job goes for $750, which means a $25 or even $50 discount still leaves a huge margin. But Monson is confident that this approach will work for businesses with smaller work orders, as well.

“Understanding the value of a lead and the cost that goes behind maintaining a lifetime client….$25 is a joke,” he explained. “Build a system and processes to retain your customers, and you will understand the true value of a lead.”

Invest Time & Effort into Multiple Social Media Platforms

“Cross platform promotion is essential to effective social media strategy,” Monson said.

You can find Dirty2Dreamy on most major platforms, such as Instagram and LinkedIn.

Social media brand building takes work, and you may be wondering why it’s worthwhile.

To Monson, it’s critical for any business:

“We have to remember that effective marketing starts with data collection. Where is the data? If you said social media, then you actually get it. If you didn’t, then you will be irrelevant in 10 years or less.

I can go to Instagram and search a local hashtag to find out what real estate agents are having for dinner on their date nights! I can take that to create a dinner date combo deal that includes detail package, limo ride and movie. Then promote that!

I could partner with a local limo company that I offer detail services to and the movie tickets would be easy. I could even get a local place to offer dinner for free just because my platform is relevant.”

Sound pie-in-the-sky to you? Maybe today, but like anything, developing social media marketing skills takes time and practice. And Monson has been working on this skill set for a while.

In fact, he has built up a name for himself as a social media marketing expert and is currently collaborating with IGL Coatings North America on their national branding using some of the social media techniques he has developed.

“This is what I do,” he added. “I eat, sleep, drink, and breathe marketing. It is my superpower.”

Try It Again

When trying out new marketing tactics, even if you don’t get the results you’re looking for the first time, it might be worthwhile to try it again, because small tweaks can make a difference.

For instance, Monson didn’t realize, due to a small change in Facebook business pages, he no longer had the ability to turn off comments. Someone also questioned whether the post meant $50 or a $50 gift card.

This is not Monson’s first giveaway and each time he runs a similar contest, he can perfect it even more.  And by taking his advice, you won’t be starting from scratch, either. 

Finally, remember to have fun while trying new things. “I learn from each and every post,” Monson explained. “I learned it was my best one yet and I’m excited to test different ways to do it.

Other Marketing Ideas for Auto Detailing Businesses

 Facebook worked well for Monson, but it doesn’t have to be your go-to marketing tactic. And, in general, we recommend small businesses maintain 3 to 5 strategies that you’re employing at once to make sure you’re actively finding new customers from different sources.

If you haven’t yet, write out a loose marketing plan.

Let’s look at some other ways you can promote your car detailing business.

SEO and Google AdWords

Google really is the primary gatekeeper for a business’s online presence. If someone Googles auto detailers, mobile detailers, and other similar keywords, you want your business to be one of the first to show up. Potential customers may click on one of the paid ads a the top of the page, or might skip straight to the organic search results, which is where SEO comes into play. 

Sponsor a Car Show

Finding customers isn’t just about online marketing. If you’re particularly experienced with certain types of cars, places like car shows are great ways to hand out business cards and spread brand awareness. 

Network within Your Industry

We also recommend networking with other business owners and industry folks, such as car dealerships or automotive repair shops. Send love both ways and encourage more word of mouth referrals.

Write a Monthly Newsletter

Send out a monthly newsletter full of car care tips and special offers to keep your business top-of-mind to your past customers  Make sure to update your customer base on new detailing services.

How Housecall Pro Can Help

We help mobile and auto detailing businesses like yours grow by providing a suite of services to help you provide a professional experience from online booking, automatic invoices, payments, and receipts, and more. 

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Last Posted November, 2023