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Plumbing proposal template

A professional plumbing proposal outlines the scope of the job and the breakdown of the costs. Download our free plumbing proposal template today

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What is a plumbing proposal template used for?

A plumbing proposal template helps plumbing businesses land new clients. It informs the client about what services will be performed, how much it will cost, and the approximate completion date. A proposal is sometimes referred to as a bid. It is important to have the particulars in writing so both parties understand the expectations.

Plumbing proposal example

A plumbing proposal may include:

  • Logo and business information
  • Job(s) to be performed
  • Materials needed
  • Cost of materials
  • Estimated time to complete
  • Cost of labor
  • Estimated total
  • Approximate date of job completion
  • Dated signatures of both parties
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