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How vehicle GPS tracking optimizes and improves your business

If you’re on a job, the last thing you want to think about is the productivity of your workers. You and your customers want to know when vehicles are dispatched to their location so every job is done on time. But you can’t be everywhere at once and there’s only so much time in one day. What’s the solution? 

With Vehicle GPS Tracking, you’ll get a seamless vehicle GPS hardware plugs into your truck and integrates with Housecall Pro. Let’s talk about how Vehicle GPS Tracking can help you take control of your business and deliver best-in-class customer service.

Track locations

Vehicle GPS Tracking gives information about your vehicle’s exact location so you can always know where your truck is, from the dispatching site all the way to your customer’s location. Not only is it helpful for tracking exact movements, but you’ll also know when you have equipment or assets for a job on the go.

This tracking software allows you to know what time vehicles are dispatched or arrive at their destination. Because updates are synced in real time, you’ll never wonder about whether your vehicles are en route or on the job.

Boost efficiency

Jobs that are completed on time are ones that focus on one thing: efficiency. They say you’re only as strong as your weakest link, so isn’t it time you get on top of all aspects of your home service business? 

Stay on top of all aspects of your business by scheduling out vehicles, booking more jobs, and in turn, increasing profits. With Vehicle GPS, all of this is possible when you’re always in the loop. The Housecall Pro map lets you see whether your vehicle is just dispatched, stalled, or on the way to customers. 

Save time and help your customers with the efficiency that they expect. 

Expenses saved


As a home service business owner, you know that time is a non-renewable resource. That’s why having more time on your hands to do important tasks like scheduling jobs and boosting your revenue is more important than having to hound your techs about their location.

With GPS, you get peace of mind knowing that your service routes will be optimized even if you’re not constantly monitoring your vehicles. Determine which of your drivers is closest to a job so your drivers aren’t going too far out of their way. 


Using Vehicle GPS software, you can reroute vehicles that are out of route to complete jobs. You’ll no longer have to manually follow up with each of your techs and instead provide customers the service that they need in less time. Plus, by monitoring aspects like vehicle speed and by saving fuel, you’ll cut costs without sacrificing quality. 

Unauthorized vehicle time

You want to know your techs are on the job and completing another successful task, but the workday shouldn’t include unapproved activities. Keep track of all of your vehicles’ locations and cut back on unauthorized vehicle time. That way, you can keep jobs moving forward at all times.

Customer service

Customer service is the backbone of home service businesses. When you provide great service, customers are likely to spread word of your business and create even more business for you. That’s why turning manual processes into automated ones can help you boost your reviews and help land recurring service agreements. 

Level up your business

Sign up for Housecall Pro today and easily communicate with customers and track your vehicle efficiency to book more jobs. Keep your team connected from the office to the field. Book a demo to learn more.

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Last Posted November, 2023