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In this piece, we’ll show you some examples of van and truck wraps on HVAC vehicles and offer tips about why they work and offer other tips from our pros about how to score a great vehicle wrap.
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Van wraps are the perfect form of advertising tool for heating and air conditioning businesses. They let homeowners or business owners know you serve their area, and they’ll be more likely to remember your name when they have a heating or cooling need.

There are several types of vehicle wraps, such as full and partial wraps, and simple decals — all of which can stand out and work well with a high-quality design.

In this piece, we’ll show you some examples of van and truck wraps on HVAC vehicles and offer tips about why they work and offer other tips from our pros about how to score a great vehicle wrap.


HVAC can wrap

The color of ENER-G COOL’s van wrap really pops, and it’s simple, drawing your eye to what matters: the website and phone number. From the picture, what they do is a little hard to read” air conditioning and heating,” but in person, the blue lettering should be more visible.

HVAC van wrap

For potential customers who aren’t fond of the phone, this van wrap lets people know they have the choice to book online. This simple addition can earn them new customers who wouldn’t be as likely to choose them otherwise.

Julian Heat & Air

HVAC van wrap

This is a winning tagline. It’s memorable and speaks directly to people’s main reason for needing HVAC services: they’re uncomfortable. This wrap also includes some important details for folks that are already drawn in: the company offers free estimates and financing. 

A plain white van may not be right for every company, but for Julian Heat and Air, it allows them to get their point across without any design distractions. Decals, as opposed to full wraps, can be a cheaper, still effective way to advertise using your company vehicle.

Plunk Heating and Air

Plunk Heating and Air also went super simple with their design, featured on both their service vans and trucks. It goes to show that very simple vehicle graphics can go a long way. We’d like to see the number a little higher up to make it easier to spot, but the 24/7 service message is a nice touch.

The truck wrap follows the theme, bringing together the entire fleet in a cost-efficient way. It’s easy to tell what they do, remember their name, and know how to contact them. Mission accomplished.

Air Now


Air Now, an HVAC company in Texarcana, Texas, goes in a completely different direction than Julian Heat and Air. With this fleet wrap, you’re not going to miss this van from a mile away! Bold van wraps like this give a memorable first impression.

Once again, the business calls attention to something important to their customers: no overtime fees. 

They also focus on the phone number, instead of giving out multiple pieces of contact information. While there are strengths and weaknesses to both approaches, focusing on one call-to-action (in this case, take down the phone number) can make it easy for people to know exactly what to do in a hurry.

Smart Home Comfort

Whatever design you choose, make sure it will work on your entire fleet like we see with Smart Home Comfort. For instance, if you’re considering investing in a box truck or a pickup at some point in the future, let your designer know so that they can factor that into the design. 

We love the placement of the website and phone number here along with the double use of the word smart. When your tagline shares the same wording as your business, it can help potential customers remember it.

What to consider when designing the wrap for your work truck

Based on these examples, you can see what’s important to each company. You don’t need to include everything (and you shouldn’t). Choose two or three important details that are important to you and your customers. This is the first step in planning your design. 

  • Contact information (website, phone number)
  • List of most popular HVAC services
  • Answer to your most common question (like do you offer same day services?)
  • Something that builds trust
  • A tagline that shows values or a catchy way that sums up your company
  • Business license number (some states require this)

Tips from on wrapping your work van

Ready to wrap your company vehicle? Here are some tips from our pros.

Consider double laminating

In a private Facebook group, one pro recommends double laminating your wrap to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Questions to ask vendors

Another HVAC pro offers useful questions to ask installers during your initial consultation:

  • Which colors fade the quickest?
  • How long is the wrap guaranteed?
  • How long does it take to install?
  • Where does the wrap take place?
  • What payments does the vendor take?
  • Do they have examples of their work?

All important things to know before choosing a vendor and working on a design.

More resources about van wraps

Ready to get started? Check out our list of five car and van wrap companies recommended by our pros. Need to start over? We wrote a guide about removing a van wrap.

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